European Village

specializes in the construction of exclusive facilities using European technologies for a comfortable life and investment.

Forbes leader in the countryin termsof quality

Forbes leader
in the country
in terms
of quality

Investment attractiveness in priority

in priority

Best locations


European technologies and materials

and materials

Only exclusive properties


We create only fast capitalization products
and high investment attractiveness.
We come up with the concept of the best real estate and bring it to life for you.

Our task is that if you wish, you can easily and profitably rent out the purchased property
and receive 8% of annual income. And if you decide to sell the object, then not only without losing money, but also earning. In three years, the cost of premium-class objects built by our team has doubled. All of them are in demand and are rented at a high price for the local market, providing from 11% to 15% of the annual profit from rent + up to 30% per year from capitalization.

Approximately half of our buyers purchase our property as a profitable investment. The other half is for living or recreation. But plans can always change, so it is important for us that our property is ideally suited for both income and personal use and grows in value.

Development milestones

Our team members came up with the European Village Old project and brought it to life. The concept is to build exclusive villas for living and renting out, which at that time did not exist in Batumi at all. This project was conceived for a group of friends for personal use. But the built villas were very popular, there were many who wanted to buy or rent them. So much so that their price has skyrocketed. As a result, some of the owners decided to sell the built houses in order to capitalize on the difference in price.

Having seen the boom in demand and having gone through the full cycle of project implementation – from site selection, paperwork, material selection, construction to finishing work, we decided to repeat the success in a new low-rise building business project. So the idea came up to create a company that would specialize in the construction of exclusive premium and elite real estate. There is practically no such real estate in the entire region, it is a scarce and at the same time a demanded segment. This is how European Village LLC was born.


Our customers are the establishment of various countries.
These are representatives of big business and parliamentarians. The geography of the countries is very wide: Latvia, Canada, Israel, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia, Ukraine.

Our Team

Archil Partinadze
Archil Partinadze
Company Director
Has been managing construction companies for over 14 years. Master of Economics and Physical and Mathematical Sciences. His portfolio includes 4 multi-apartment residential complexes. Chairman of the Association of Developers of Adjara in 2008-2010.
Natalia Goldovskaia
Natalia Goldovskaia
Сompany development Director
Olga Gmyria
Olga Gmyria
Mass Media and Communication Assistant
Mass media issues
Armaz Khozrevanidze
Armaz Khozrevanidze
Technical Director
Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Shota Rustaveli University. His portfolio includes 18 successfully built objects on the territory of Georgia, including 7 multi-storey buildings. Master of development and application of own complex engineering solutions on projects.
Stanislav Tsetskhladze
Stanislav Tsetskhladze
Communications Director
Two higher educations. Responsible for managing and directing the organization's internal and external communications.

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European Village

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