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We don’t tolerate mediocrity. Our projects are fully consistent with the parameters of premium real estate. Our credo is perfectionism.

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Best locations

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The best materials

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Choosing the site
Choosing the site

We choose the best locations for construction in elite areas. We carefully study the selected site for potential problems – environmental conditions, permitted number of floors for construction in the area, neighboring facilities and infrastructure. We select areas that are as clean as possible and free from and are not expected to contain any polluting or noisy factors in the future.


We carry out geodetic surveys and carefully study the structure of the soil, the presence and location of groundwater, and seismic activity. We draw up an architectural project that is as safe as possible for this type of soil by taking into account geodesy, together with experienced architects.

Construction works
Construction works

We involve only experienced and proven specialists on other projects with a real portfolio in high-rise and low-rise buildings. Our team adheres to the same principles regarding the quality of work. Our priority is quality and European standards. We give a guarantee for all types of internal and external works directly in the contract of sale. We do not mask the defects of the works, but redo them, carefully check each stage of the work for quality and use expensive high-quality materials. For example, we install windows of the German brand Rehau and use a ceramic block instead of a cement block, we make waterproofing inside and out according to Swedish technology, we use hydrophobic and antifungal impregnations, and we also pay special attention to fire safety – we use 7 cm fireproof EPS for insulation. All these solutions are unique for Batumi.

Design and finishing

Landscaping of a plot of private houses allows for maximum ergonomics and comfort. Each site has fruit, coniferous and ornamental plants, parking, and a barbecue grill.

The exterior finish maintains the optimum temperature inside the house and is made according to the Swedish Terraco technology using European materials. Each object is insulated and insulated from moisture, temperature changes, protected from fungus.

We use environmentally friendly materials for both exterior and interior decoration – ceramic block, natural stone, marble, wood. Interior decoration – designer renovation. When booking early, we take into account the wishes of the owner in planning, repair, interior. We equip private villas with a sauna and marble fireplaces, we line the stairs with Persian marble.

Design and finishing

Each facility of the European Village company has a complete infrastructure. Landscaping allows you to divide the space into zones, highlight recreation areas, and create a private enclosed space for each owner of private houses.

Multi-apartment properties and private villas built by European Village have a closed area accessible only to residents of the complex. The territory is guarded, so no strangers can access the area. The service company monitors the cleanliness and order, and the quality of lighting. Each complex has a private club format. There are areas for recreation with children, common and individual pools, depending on the project.

with guaranteed income

We provide maintenance of both the common area of ​​the complex and private villas and apartments. At the request of the owner, we can ensure the delivery of your property for short-term and long-term lease – to ensure the flow of customers, to meet and settle them, to monitor compliance with the rules of residence. In this case, we can guarantee you a rental yield of 8% per annum and fix these guarantees in a formal sales contract.

Maintenance  with guaranteed income

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Houses for generations

Modern construction technologies

Modern construction technologies, especially in southern countries, often imply a short service life of the building – an average of 20-30 years. Many skyscrapers built in New York in the 70s of the last century began to be dismantled in the early 2000s. After all, the life of many of them has already ended. A house made of ordinary reinforced concrete and a cement block, and today most of the low-rise buildings in many countries are built using this technology, will last an average of 20-30 years. The same applies to 90% of multi-storey new buildings. Reinforced concrete will last longer, cement block, which is used mostly of low quality, less.

The European Village company uses the technology of combining high quality concrete with penetron. This increases the service life of the building to an average of 150 years. A ceramic block with a wall thickness of up to 40 cm with insulation and waterproofing will last 100 years with proper operation. That is, when buying a house from us, you get a house for 5 generations – one generation is considered to be 20 years. And in the case of timely overhaul, the service life is doubled and it will last for 10 generations or 200 years. Alternative technologies suggest a building service life of only 20-30 years.

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