• 800 m to the beach 800 m
    to the beach
  • from 130,25 m2 townhouse  area from 130,25 m2
  • 40 cmbrick walls 40 cm
  • capitalization from 30% per year capitalization
    from 30%
    per year
  • buyback after two years buyback
    two years
  • 7-15% income per year 7-15%
    per year
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The first hotel of townhouses and villas in Western Georgia

in the exclusive residential complex Elite Riviera with a guaranteed yield of 7% per annum and the possibility of repurchase.

The first hotel of townhouses and villas in Western Georgia. All townhouses have panoramic sea views and are within walking distance from the beach. This is a profitable investment, since one house is able to generate income for its owners from 7% to 15% per annum. Townhouses prices start from €188250 with a roof-terrace and panoramic sea views will be built on the landscaped territory of the complex in Adjara. The complex is located in a unique location – within walking distance from the sea in a quiet and peaceful place. It is easy to earn 7-15% per year in a townhouse due to the shortage of luxury real estate in the region. Profitability guarantees are prescribed in the sales contract signed in the house of Justice.



Guaranteed income and buyback option

The yield of elite townhouses European Village is 7% -15%. These figures were proved by the experience of commissioning similar exclusive properties on the rental market in Batumi in the past years, which favorably distinguishes villas and townhouses from flats and apartments due to their lack of supply of villas on the rental market with high demand. Some investors are worried about the turbulence in tourist flows amid the pandemic. But the pandemic does not reduce the demand of tenants for townhouses, but rather increases it. The demand for houses with their own yard already exceeded the supply. Due to the pandemic, the trend has intensified. Paying tenants around the world are now choosing to rent townhouses and villas with their own private space due to covid restrictions and the growing need for security.

Elite Riviera

Elite Riviera today is the only elite complex on the entire Georgian coast. Alternative proposals simply do not exist. We are confident in the profitability of our facilities and are ready to provide investors with the guarantees enshrined in the contract.

We offer several income options for investors,

who will hand over the villa to us for management. From a maximum income of 7% -15%, to a guaranteed profit of 7%, depending on the option chosen. Which option to choose depends on what is the priority for the owner; minimizing risks or maximizing profits. The investors must choose what level of risks they want to assign to the company and what profitability he wants to receive.


– maximum: renting out during the year: projected income at the level of 7% -15% per year. Detailed reporting, maximum profitability *.

If you wish to use the townhouse yourself for your holiday, the period until the villa is rented out will be deducted from your income.


– average: full lease with a guaranteed profit of 7% per year. The amount of profit is fixed in the management contract. All the risks of reducing the tourist flow are borne by the company, not the investor. The exception is a definite force majeure (lockdown, war, natural disasters)*. The company makes money on the difference between guaranteed profit and real profitability. In this case, the company will earn up to 7% of the price of the object, depending on the market situation. The investor will receive most of the profit even if the conditions on the rental market are unfavorable.


If, two years or more after putting the townhouse into operation, the investor wants to return the money, the company will buy the townhouse back. This is also insurance in case your circumstances change.

If three years or more have passed since the purchase, the company will return not only the amount spent on the purchase, but also pay an additional 10% due to the capitalization of the object. The difference between the real capitalization and these 10% will be the profit.



In our complex you are safe

Your house is under police protection. Elite Riviera has a comprehensive security system with video surveillance. During the construction of townhouses, seismic protection technology is used. We have taken into account the climatic nuances and built houses that are comfortable in the subtropical climate both in winter and in summer. The latest construction technologies will protect a villa from excessive moisture, mold and fungi.

Concierge service

Full maintenance of the townhouse; cleaning the house and yard, caring for plants (at the request of the owner). For each townhouse owner, the European Village concierge service is a personal assistant who will help pay bills, book tickets, book a hotel, apply for a residence permit, and help resolve any other issues related to everyday life or your business in Georgia.

Limited Offer!

The Elite Riviera is being built next to the Elite Family Residence. This location makes the location safe and comfortable – security, compliance with anti-virus measures, own infrastructure, European quality of all internal and external works, only high-quality building materials and modern technologies. Both complexes exist in the closed club format, creating a common architectural ensemble.

There are no high-rise buildings near the Elite Riviera. The beach in this place has the prospect of becoming the first beach in Georgia with a blue flag – an international symbol of the impeccability of the beach. The location is ideal for healing due to the purest water and is famous for its beauty.

The construction site of the complex is a citrus garden. We have kept as many trees as possible so that residents can take cover in their shade and pick persimmons or tangerines right from the branch.

No drop in prices for the townhouse you bought – only rise in prices. Townhouses near the sea in Batumi are in great short supply and the price for them is constantly growing along with the land! No high-rise buildings located nearby. Near the complex there is a state reserve, so the forest zone will not be destroyed and built up with high-rise buildings.

Eco-friendly and fireproof materials. Guarded playground and common area. Your money is safe. The constant capitalization of the townhouses is the rise in prices. We are taking all possible anti-COVID measures: Mandatory wearing of masks by staff, non-contact temperature measurement, and sanitization.

Why are townhouses in

Elite Riviera
without problems?


We give a guarantee for all types of work.


All communications are available: gas, water, electricity, sewerage, internet and cable TV.


Registration of a residence permit in Georgia comes as a gift.


The heating system in the house is already installed: underfloor heating, gas boiler and modern radiators.


We will take care of your property at your request: we will clean, guard, mow lawns, etc.


We will rent out your house if you wish and we will run it like a business so that the house will bring you income.


No more parking problems. You get your own parking space with the purchase of a house.


The roofs of our villas are insulated and have a triple protective layer of waterproofing.


Noisy and scandalous neighbors are excluded. We not only check buyers of houses in the complex in advance, but also legally guarantee peace and tranquility. Even if the house is rented out.

Archil Partinadze
Archil Partinadze
Company General Director

Has been managing construction companies for over 14 years. Master of Economics and Physical and Mathematical Sciences. His portfolio includes 4 multi-apartment residential complexes. Chairman of the Association of Developers of Adjara in 2008-2010.

Olga Gmyria
Olga Gmyria
Mass Media and Communication Assistant

Mass media issues

Natalia Goldovskaia
Natalia Goldovskaia
Сompany development Director

Armaz Khozrevanidze
Armaz Khozrevanidze
Technical Director

Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Shota Rustaveli University. His portfolio includes 18 successfully built objects on the territory of Georgia, including 7 multi-storey buildings. Master of development and application of own complex engineering solutions on projects.

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Ask your questions and our manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Showcase of townhouses

Warm house

European format heating system.


Heat and waterproofing according to the best European technologies; keeps cold, moisture and heat outside the window, saving utility costs. Provides comfort and saves repairs and equipment. Both walls and roof are insulated.

Heating equipment — BOSCH brand.

Repair status:

without finishing or complete renovation: the owner installs only furniture and household appliances to his liking.

Layout: 3 bedrooms with a private balcony in each, bathroom, a living room, a kitchen. 

panoramic roof-terrace, where it is easy to organize a space for relaxation with sun loungers, garden furniture, arrange a small garden to your liking and even install a small pool.


Houses for generations

Modern construction technologies, especially in southern countries, often imply a short service life of the building; an average of 20-30 years. Many skyscrapers built in New York in the 70s of the last century began to be dismantled in the early 2000s. After all, the life of many of them has already ended. A house made of ordinary reinforced concrete and a cement block, and today most of the low-rise buildings in many countries are built using this technology, will last an average of 20-30 years. The same applies to 90% of multi-storey new buildings. Reinforced concrete will last longer, cement block, which is mainly used of low quality, will last less. European Village uses the technology of combining high quality concrete with penetron. This increases the service life of the building to an average of 150 years. A ceramic block with a wall thickness of up to 40 cm with insulation and waterproofing will last 100 years with proper operation. That is, when buying a house from us, you get a house for 5 generations – one generation is considered to be 20 years. And in the case of timely overhaul, the service life is doubled and it will last for 10 generations or 200 years. Alternative technologies suggest a building service life of only 20-30 years.

First time in Batumi!

No cement block. Only safe, environmentally friendly ceramic block with high thermal and sound insulation properties

This material is fireproof, durable and environmentally friendly, unlike the cement block, which is widely used in local construction due to its low price.

No thin walls of 20 cm. We are the only ones in Adjara who make walls 40 cm thick. These are the first houses in Batumi with such walls. We use a 30 cm ceramic block with insulation and a moisture-resistant exterior finish.

No cheap windows. Only double-glazed windows of the German brand Rehau.

No cheap construction technologies. The construction teams of the company are familiar with European construction technologies and use high-quality materials.

There are no analogues of the complex anywhere else in all of western Georgia!

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