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21 April 2022
TOP 10 Modern Georgian Brands You Need to Know

The European Village company is engaged in the construction of luxury real estate on the Georgian Riviera. The project has villa complexes within walking distance from the cleanest beach of Kvariati, as well as projects of other exclusive real estates of an elite level. The company does not build large-scale projects but instead produces exclusive properties, each of which has its own unique characteristics, which makes it stand out from the mass market.

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23 February 2022
What to Invest in: a Review of Batumi Investment Proposals With a Guarantee of Income

The development of any real estate market is closely related to its investment attractiveness. It is the presence of investment-attractive objects on the market that determines the dynamics of its development. Batumi, the second most significant city of Georgia, is no exception, the real estate market of which has been developing at an accelerated pace over the past five years.

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22 December 2021
The Quality of Construction in Georgia Is Growing

The global recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed almost every area of ​​the global economy. However, there are isolated examples that even in the most negative situations, sometimes truly amazing things happen. By the end of 2021, it became clearly visible that the housing construction sector in Georgia is undergoing active development. In the face of difficult world realities, this most important component of the national Georgian economy has shown record growth.

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