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When buying a Villa from a developer, the European Village company provides all customers with housing until the construction is completed

Elite Family Residence

The only elite family residential complex in Adjara
On the Black Sea coast

Elite apartments. Unique infrastructure. Environmentally friendly suburban location. Convenient logistics.

A unique object – only 24 apartments, including duplex penthouses. Swimming pools with sea water and a slide, including a children’s pool. Children’s club, rope park, and climbing wall. Access to SPA services, fitness center, wellness treatments, restaurant, co-working space and concierge service.

6 floors

not including technical first floor
and second level of penthouses

24 apartments

Format of a closed residence:
good neighborliness and mutual respect.


is the year of project completion
We guarantee the completion of construction on time.

3.2 meters

ceiling height
More space and comfort.

150 years

Guaranteed service life of the building
– we use only high-quality materials and technologies

5-8% per annum

Income from renting apartments.
We give guarantees, fix them in the purchase agreement,
which is registered in the House of Justice

15 minutes

driving from Batumi

from €1669/m2

The best beach in the region,
magnificent views, ideal ecology,
the cleanest air and water

Rooftop terrace with panoramic views: penthouses and apartments built to European quality standards using the finest materials.

Children’s entertainment: climbing wall, trampolines, children’s and sports grounds, playgrounds for ball games, children’s club with animators, parking with bicycles.

Relaxation for adults: 24-hour babysitting, swimming pools, jacuzzi, SPA and wellness, wellness treatments, fitness, mineral water, wine tasting, billiards and mini golf, casino tour, fishing, yachting.

Good company: new acquaintances for adults and children with families with similar views and social status. Principles of good-neighborliness and decent attitude to common infrastructure. Respect for the comfort of others.

Guaranteed income

5-8% per year

Proven by the experience of commissioning similar exclusive properties
in the Batumi rental market in past years.
High profitability and guarantees distinguish
Elite Family Residence apartments from other apartment complexes.

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We create trends.

This building is
a future landmark
of Batumi:

  • 1A combination of standards of architectural aesthetics of Empire and neoclassicism. Relevance and beauty, time-tested.
  • 2Safety, durability and aesthetic appearance are ensured by high-quality modern materials. Elite Family Residence is less subject to time than others because we use European technologies and high-quality materials. Thanks to this, we guarantee the building a service life of at least 150 years. We will ensure durability and attractive appearance with the help of timely maintenance.
  • 3Unique luxury project. Elite is not just a marketing ploy. This term means a comprehensive approach – from materials and technologies to appearance, service and infrastructure.

Leading building technology.

We have done everything possible for your comfort:

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of foundations and ceilings. Providing a comfortable temperature and humidity in the apartment.

Double layer of moisture resistant putty and waterproof paint. Ensuring the safety of the cladding of the building, an attractive appearance for decades.

Fireproof EPS 7 cm is a unique solution for Batumi. Providing a safe and comfortable environment inside the building.

Double glazing German brand. Sound insulation, protection from cold and drafts.

Apartments in Batumi Family Residence
are suitable for any purpose:

For life and resort

Developed infrastructure – children’s park, family entertainment, wellness treatments.
Security – security, fire-resistant materials, clean ecology, water from an artesian well.

Service – room and concierge service, 24-hour babysitting, animators for children, transporting children to classes, kindergartens and schools.

Spa, sports, wellness, medical tourism, wine tastings, casino guides, diving, sea holidays.

For investment

Guaranteed income of 5%-8% per annum. Guarantees are fixed in the contract.

The capitalization of the object by at least 20% per year is verified by experience. The reason is the shortage of luxury real estate in the region and the limited number of locations suitable for development of this class. Renting all year round. You can rent on your own or give apartments managed by a service company with a guarantee of profitability.


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We are trusted by:

The construction company European Village LLC specializes in elite investment-attractive real estate. The team has a portfolio of objects that can be viewed live. Projects under construction are usually bought at the construction stage.

The founders of the company have experience in international investment projects. Buyers are not left alone after the purchase – we will help with relocation, legal and business issues.

Recognized market leaders. The best quality of construction according to Forbes Georgia.

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