Financial conditions and income

We create only products with fast capitalization and high investment attractiveness

up to 21 %

Real annual income<

5–7 %

Guaranteed annual income<

from 30 %

Capitalization per year<

Guaranteed Income

High capitalization of projects

Buyback at an increased cost

Georgia's economy shows one of best dynamics of development post-Soviet space

+9,8 %

GDP growth in Georgia
for 2022

+183 %

income from tourism
at Georgia for 2022

+285 %

demand growth for 2021-22
real estate in Batumi

+167 %

property capitalization
European Village at 3.5 years

Investing in wyndham
hotels & resorts

Investing in a Wyndham Hotels & Resorts product means that you become not just a property owner with excellent and unique infrastructure, but become a co-owner of a business with a 40-year successful history.

  • For 2022 alone, Wyndham's revenue was $1 billion 354, million,
    and profit is $661 million.
  • In 2021 revenue was $1 billion 245 million and profit $880 million.
  • Taking the pre pandemic figures, in 2019 revenue was $2 billion 53 million,
    and profit is $982 million.

$1 billion 354 million

total income for the year 2022

$661 million

gross profit

$430 million

operating expenses

$299 million

net income

Aimbridge Hospitality is a world leader
in hospitality management

over 1,500

LUXURY hotels in 23 countries

over 60 years

experience and an impeccable reputation

Insurance for your investments

If you decide to part with residences, we can buy back the property, if you wish, at an increased price, without hesitation and unnecessary questions

The company will not only refund the amount spent on the purchase, but and will pay extra for the capitalization of the facility

We will assist in sale on secondary market at maximum market price

Payment procedure and conditions

All customers have access to an interest-free installment plan from builder.

Up to 30 months
Up to 30 months
Up to 18 months
Up to 18 months

30 %

first instalment